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6 Steps to Buy from the price on our site is just item cost=first payment , (international shipping cost is not included ),if you want to get an estimated international shipping cost ,please click this button. Weight calculate

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  • China Shopping Agent purchase itemsStep 4. Purchase Items from Sellers

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OceanUnited -- Taobao Agent
trusted intermediaries!
We do not sell products! We offer services to purchase goods from the site Taobao and other online stores in China.
And what is needed is an intermediary taobao !
Even if you went to the official website of the Chinese online store and were able to check that sellers can only send goods to China. Therefore, direct buy goods from the seller you do not succeed. This requires a reliable taobao mediator. By the way, it's us.
OceanUnited -- Taobao Agent
Good service quality
As a taobao agent, provides trading services on taobao. We work 7 days a week, any question can be solved by online chat or email, we will reply to you within 24 hours.
OceanUnited -- Taobao Agent
save money
Products on sold at a much lower price than in most Western countries. OceanUnited -- Taobao Agent help customers who from English-speaking countries, and the shipping cost is fair and low. This is a cool way to save money to buy from goods.
Taobao Agent
Why buy from Taobao?
Taobao, China version of eBay is the largest online shopping in China. With thousands of merchants and millions of objects for sale, Taobao is the largest online shopping market in China. On Taobao, you can get almost everything you need at a very good price, such as clothing, footwear and accessories, sports and travel, jewelry and watches, mobile phones, computer, camera and accessories, crafts and supplies health and beauty , toys and hobbies, and much more! and with lowest price
OceanUnited -- Taobao Agent
Safe and reliable payment methods - an intermediate agent between you and Taobao shoppers/sellers - will help you buy from Taobao and provides a secure and fast payment services such as QIWI, Webmoney, PayPal, credit card, Western Union, bank transfer. With PayPal, you are protected from inspection before delivery. If something goes wrong with your order, your right transaction will be fully reimbursed.
OceanUnited -- Taobao Agent
Fast and secure delivery method
As a professional Agent of Taobao, we are working with a large shipping company, such as SF-Express, EMS, DHL, Fedex, Thai Post EMS, Our international service are safe and fast. At your request, we will choose the best shipping method. For example, if the weight of your order is less than 2 kg, and you do not need it urgently, we will send by e-mail Thai air shipping cost is very low, and the delivery time is about 15 days.